Go to DashboardsCreate a new dashboard 

Below Screen pops up, give the title and Description(optional) of the project and press on the ADD button

Then click on the created Dashboard , in my case I am going with the Test and to create a widget press on the Create new Widget  as show in the below figure.

Below screen pops up, then press on the Select widgets bundle 

On clicking on Select widgets bundle a list of different widgets category pops up , then click on the Control Widgets

After Clicking on the Control widgets, different widgets pops up from that select Switch Control  and the following screen pops up and type a Name to create an alias, and then press on Create a new one! 

After creating the alias, below screen pops up and select the device from which the Access Token is copied from and click ADD

The Switch Control widget is created, after creating the widget save the procedure as shown in the below figure