Go to the Cloudchip Libraries in Github and Download them


Extract the downloaded Zip and paste it in the Documents→ Arduino→ Libraries


Extract the downloaded Zip and paste it in the Home→ Arduino→ Libraries

To test the installed Cloudchip Libraries, go to Arduino IDE→ Tools→ Board→ Nodemcu or ESP Dev Module.

Note:  If you not installed ESP32 or ESP8266 boards in Arduino you can follow the IoT with Esp to Install them.

From Arduino IDE → Examples → Cloudchip IoT → Device Telemetry


1→ Replace SSID with your current WiFi Username

2→ Replace Password with your current WiFi Password

3→ Replace Token with your Device Token (Cloudchip→ Devices → Details → Click on AccessToken)

4→ Replace Sensor 1 with your Sensor name

5→ Replace val++ with your Sensor variable

Upload the code to the board and open the Serial Monitor and set the baud Rate to 115200 then press the Reset button on the board to check whether the WiFi is connected to the board , If WiFi is connected then you can see [Done] on the Serial Monitor.

To check wether the data is uploaded to the Cloudchip, go to the Cloudchip → Devices → Telemetry.