IoT Bootcamp

Cloudchip IoT Bootcamp will help you build the technical skills, mindset, and networks that launch amazing careers. Cloudchip innovative curriculum features an experiential learning with lots of hands-on exercises, projects and case studies and an in-person, in-class immersive experience.

Module 1 - IoT Basics

This session will introduce IoT through real-world examples and scenarios. We will explore the technology behind smart homes, smart farms, connected cars and smart healthcare platforms. You will understand the key technologies enabling these scenarios. The objective of this session is to set the stage for the Bootcamp.

  • Understanding the IoT
  • Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Sensors & Signals
  • Hardware and IoT Protocols
  • Hands-on with Micro-controller and Sensors

Module 2 - IoT System On Chip

A single integrated-circuit technology that contains all the necessary circuits and parts for a complete IoT system.

  • Introduction to SoC
  • Setting up ESP32 & Arduino IDE 
  • Handson with ESP32
  • Sending sensor data IoT Cloud Platform

Module 3 - IoT Edge Computing

Edge computing brings the power closer to the end user application, so instead of devices needing to constantly call home to centralized cloud infrastructure for instructions or analysis they are given the ability to accomplish these tasks on their own.

  • Understanding the Edge Computing
  • Setup the Single board computers to act as Edge
  • IoT Data Aggregation
  • Interacting with Cloud Platform

Bootcamp Outcomes

Master all the 3 layers of the IoT technology stack – IoT devices, IoT gateway, IoT cloud and IoT Analytics using Machine Learning

Working experience with devices, sensors, cloud and analytics in the form of a real time projects

Firsthand access to insights and knowledge from industry experts and stalwarts

Interact with expert trainers who provide professional assistance and guidance on how to craft your CV and identify the right job opportunities

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