Mastering IoT with Cloudchip

Module 1: Introduction Arduino:

  1. Fundamentals of C

  • Functions,Arrays, Structures, unions and Preprocessors

  1. Installation of Arduino Software

  2. LED Blink Using Arduino Uno 

  3. SPI, UART, I2C using Arduino Uno

  4. Project 

Module 2: Introduction ESP32 and NodeMcu:

  1. Integrating ESP32 and NodeMu to Arduino IDE

  2. LED Blink using ESP32 and NodeMcu

  3. Working BLE using ESP32

  4. Project 

Module 2: Introduction IoT:

  1. Introduction IoT

  2. IoT and The Market

  3. IoT Technology Stack

  4. IoT and Security

  5. End to End Architecture

  6. IoT Standards

Module 3: Introduction to Cloudchip IoT Platform

  1. Introduction to Cloudchip

  2. Creating a Device and add a widget to the Dashboard

  3. Understanding the Cloudchip widgets an other features

  4. Project

Module 4: Integrating Cloudchip with Arduino IDE

  1. Installation of Cludchip to Arduino 

  2. Sending data to the cloud using ESP32 and NodeMcu

  3. Cloudchip control widgets and the Esp32

  4. Project

Module 5: Master IoT with Cludchip Cloudchip IoT Platform

  1. Control devices using the Cloudchip IoT platform 

  2. Data Analytics using Cloudchip IoT platform

  3. Capstone Project

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