Embedded and Hardware Design services can assist with the development of your embedded system. Our designers use microcontrollers and microprocessors or even custom design chips along with appropriate operating systems. Our team of designers, with their immense industry experience, brings to you the best designs and development services created out of state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies. Whether your requirements are of a simple design or a complex one, we can address your specific needs. We put together various components of the embedded system, develop the application code, and perform support qualification testing and system integration.

Cloudchip domain expertise in embedded product engineering help our customers develop and deploy products faster, reduce development cost and time to market. Our hands-on-work with various embedded platforms and operating systems helps us to bring in consistent experience across the entire product portfolio, which in turn enables our customers to deliver world class products in the market. We offer services throughout the product lifecycle – from design and development to testing, production support, and post product introduction support across multiple domains and technologies. Our services range from:

Embedded Services

Embedded Systems design engineers are a diverse group of engineers that have worked with computer hardware, software, algorithms, interface electrics, and resident application experience. This experience, combined with our design processes, make for successful projects with our customers.

Embedded Software: With a strong expertise in embedded systems, we help organizations launch products powered by Human Machine Interface or HMI, reliable Middleware, protocol stack, system software, firmware and device drivers.

Embedded Hardware: Service areas include Electronics Board Design, Schematics Capture, PCB Layout, Systems Design, Sensors, Components Selection, Value Engineering.

Embedded services that we offer include:

System Re-Engineering
Embedded real-time software development
Tool development

Product Validation