Project description 

Since we know the benefits of proper soil moisture and its quality, air quality and irrigation, in the growth of crops, such parameters cannot be ignored.

We, therefore, have come up with a new idea of crop monitoring and smart farming using IoT. We believe that our concept will be a benchmark in the agribusiness due to its reliability and remote monitoring. Our idea tries to digitize farming and agricultural activities so that the farmers can check on the requirements of the crops and accurately predict their growth. This concept will surely accelerate their business to reach new heights and also be more profitable. The implementation of our project largely depends upon the awareness among farmers, which we believe will be easily created due to its numerous advantages.

Tools used: 

  1. Software Tools:

Hardware requirements 

  1. Components
  1. Connections

Note: Before writing the code setup the cloudhip account and have a basic knowledge of how to create a Dashboard and Device in the Cloudchip ,which is explained in detail over here.  


#include <Cloudchip.h>

#define SSID             “SSID” //WIFI Username
#define PASSWORD         “Password” //WIFi Password
#define TOKEN            “Access Token” //Access Token
#define Water_level      A0
#define Soil_Moisture    D5
Cloudchip cloudchip;

int val;

void setup()
void loop()
  int input1 = analogRead(Water_level);
  int input2 = digitalRead(Soil_Moisture);
  cloudchip.deviceTelemetry(“Water Level”,input1);
  cloudchip.deviceTelemetry(“Soil Moisture”,input2);

  delay(5000); //uploads data every 5sec