ZigBee Wireless Technology


ZigBee is another IoT wireless protocols has features similar to the the Bluetooth technology. But it follows the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and is a high-level communication protocol. It has some advantages similar to Bluetooth i.e. low-power consumption, robustness, high security, and high scalability and It has a large number of applications in technologies like M2M & IOT.

Zigbee communication is specially built for control and sensor networks on IEEE 802.15.4 standard for wireless personal area networks (WPANs), and it is the product from Zigbee alliance. This communication standard defines physical and Media Access Control (MAC) layers to handle many devices at low-data rates. These Zigbee’s WPANs operate at 868 MHz, 902-928MHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies. The date rate of 250 kbps is best suited for periodic as well as intermediate two way transmission of data between sensors and controllers, it offers a range of about 10 – 100 meters


XBee Pro S2C Module